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A script to download and install the Pester testing framework for PowerShell

I finally got around to looking into Pester for test-driven development with PowerShell. In case it’s useful to anyone, and so that I don’t lose it, I created a script to download the latest release version, store it in the user’s PowerShell modules folder, and run a quick test to make sure everything is working. The script is stored in a GitHubGist and is reproduced below. Some of the cmdlets require a fairly recent version of PowerShell, possibly even 5.0. The steps are roughly as follows:

  • Figure out what the latest release number is.
  • Assemble the correct url to download the zip file.
  • Download and “Unblock” the zip file.
  • Figure out where the user’s modules folder is and create it if it doesn’t exist. I had to exclude the vscode modules folder for this to work for me.
  • Unzip the downloaded file to the right place.
  • Import the newly installed modules.
  • Scaffold a test with New-Fixture. The name is randomised to minimise the chance of overwriting something that’s already there.
  • Hack the generated files about a bit.
  • Run the test.
  • Clean up the generated files.
  • Profit!

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